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Provide healthcare facilities in a better way by reaching more patients with Fixlastmile’s medical appointment scheduling software.

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We have always seen that the healthcare industry is among the very first few industries that have embraced digital trends quicker than the others. With the advancement of technology, the treatment of patients at their location is bliss for them. Moreover, it gives patients the liberty to consult their preferred doctors at their location. It also plays a life-saving role in many emergency situations.

Last-mile Problems in Healthcare industry

Manage Appointments

Scheduling and prioritizing appointments have become a crucial challenge in today’s time. Various factors need to be considered like service time availability, patients’ requirements, the expertise of scheduling staff, and many more. A critical bottleneck lies in keeping track of doctor’s availability manually and conveying the same to patients in real-time.

Limited Availability

The limited bandwidth of available resources of healthcare last-mile impacts the ability to connect in all the meaningful ways with the system at large. Unlimited wants and limited resources are the biggest trouble for the healthcare industry.

Meeting timeline

Inappropriate service allocation and managing resources manually can be a time-consuming process. Inaccurate location consumes more time to find the exact location, it also causes hurdles in time management.

History records

While providing healthcare service, the administrator has a long history of records. Management healthcare service record is an important and challenging task. Medical practitioners feel that mounting paperwork owing to manual appointment handling is taking a toll on their productivity.

How Fixlastmile overcomes all the challenges?

Smart System

Automatically assign appointments to the best medical professionals while considering skills and service areas and all other relevant constraints. Track medical staff in real-time and get notified for each update. Get Insightful reports & analytics that provide pivotal data presented in graphical form which helps you to make insight-driven business decisions.

Auto-updates to satisfy patients

The system automatically sends an SMS notification to the patient with the option to track doctor & staff to maintain transparency and real-time visibility.

Optimize scheduling

Optimized routes help to avoid unnecessary delays and risks. They also help in reducing the time spent by vehicles on the road. Apart from that it also streamlines the efforts required to plan and execute the service schedule which ultimately yields efficiency improvements.

Keep digital records

Well-structured digital information enables faster access and better control over records. Medical practitioners can keep digital records of their own consultations and prescriptions by capturing its image.

What you can achieve with Fixlastmile?

Automated Workflow

With Doctor Appointment System, you can Decrease labor cost, reduces the chance of human error; workflow efficiency, accountability, and transparency will be improved, which enhances productivity.

Advanced analytics and report with Smart Search

An intelligent predictive search mechanism gets necessary information in a fraction of seconds. With advanced analytics take better business decisions.

Improved Resource Allocation

Manage staff and auto appointment allocation with Medical Appointment Scheduling Solution that increases the patient throughput without compromising on the quality of care. Boost productivity, improve time management and manage team workload

Reduced Miscommunications

Miscommunication and inefficiency are bad for staff, patients and quality of care. Fixlastmile Online Appointment Scheduling Software for Doctors help to maximize the efficiency of the healthcare organization.

Performance Measurement

Patient’s feedback is very essential for the organization, it helps to measure and improve performance. Healthcare organizations can enhance the quality of care by identifying gaps and increasing patient engagement which will ultimately drive revenue.