How to grow your water delivery service

In a day and age where businesses are heavily impacted with the ever-changing technology, it becomes very difficult to scale or grow your business. Water delivery business is also one such business which faces the same problem.


Keeping this in mind we have figured out some robust ways by which you can easily scale your water delivery business. So, without any further ado let’s discuss them.

Understand market scenario

Understanding the current market scenario is crucial before growing any business and water delivery business is no exception. The past five years have been exceptional for the water delivery businesses as the IBIS World report shows how the water supply industry has expanded at an annual rate of 1% which also includes the massive growth of 1.6% in 2019 alone.

There are many factors contributing to this sudden surge in the demand of water delivery services. Increased health awareness along with increased demand of flavoured, sparkling, and bottled water are some of them.

The water delivery industry is all set to grow continuously until 2024 at the rate of 1.2% according to the industry outlook. Moreover, the number of companies is also expected to decline by 2024. This means that there will be less competition for the water delivery businesses.


However, the industry has its own challenges like increasing demands of a filtrated and bottleless water systems. That’s why it becomes important for you keep all these factors under consideration before starting your own water delivery business.

Expand your target market

After understanding the market scenario, the next step is to identify your customer’s market background. It’s crucial to know the customers in each market segment. Let’s have a look at these one by one.


B2B marketplace

The ecommerce for business is on the rise and its revenue is set to reach an estimated amount of $1 trillion. This makes it imperative for you to have an online marketing system in place to leverage this growth. Talking about growth, the US B2B e-commerce market is expected to double its revenue by the year 2020 which is approx. $1 trillion.

Moreover, a study shows us that around 55% of business consumers purchase food and beverages online at their workplace. Marketing your business to these B2B buyers is a win-win as water is needed with most of these products.

Furthermore, you can also offer your services to small businesses. You can help the small business to grow and simultaneously your earnings will also grow.



Secondly, find wholesalers to sell your bulk products. Wholesale opportunities are very efficient as it has a high ROI on larger geographic areas as well as on higher volume sales. The returns form wholesalers are so high that many suppliers have actually earned backed their total start-up expenses by just selling their products to a few wholesale companies.

Increase product offerings

Increasing your product offering is another way to grow your water delivery business. In America, people are gradually starting to buy a variety of water products. It’s a good indicator that you should also consider to expand your inventory and offerings by including sparkling beverages, filtered water systems, 5-gallon water cooler, bottle-less coolers, and many more.


Americans are slowly moving from bottled water to pitchers and coolers with filtering systems. Not only that some other products like vitamin-enhanced water and other premium water products have also seen a huge demand in recent years.

Offering more products will attract more types of clients. And it will also allow you to leverage the increased demand.

Eco-friendly solution

Due to growing threat of global warming, there’s a growing demand of eco-friendly brands in every industry and water supply industry is no exception. Many big names are adopting this approach of packaging with sustainable materials. Here the sustainable materials mean the usage of plant-based plastic instead of petroleum-based plastic. Going green could be an effective way to gain loyalty and support of customers which can ultimately grow your business.

Market your brand

Branding is one of the most important factors that drive revenue for any company. It determines whether the customer will buy your product or not. Especially when it comes to the food and beverages, the significance of branding increases even more as here the product sells itself.

So, it’s important that you have a good branding strategy in place to build rapport with your customers and gain brand exposure.

How water delivery software can be a perfect solution for your business

We already saw different ways as to how you can grow your water delivery business using various methods. But if I tell you that you that there’s still something missing that can amplify the effect of all the above methods.

I am talking about the on-demand water delivery software for your business. The on-demand economy has disrupted many industries and water industry is also one of them. Having on-demand water delivery software is necessary for any water delivery business if they want to seamlessly scale their business.

A water delivery solution comes in various forms such as mobile applications, website solution, and many more. This allows you to expand your target customers due to a larger presence.

Similarly, it also allows you to effectively list several products on the app. Not only this, with the help of an on-demand mobile delivery app, you can also brand your water delivery services with utmost impact.

These are not the only things that you can achieve with the help of a last mile delivery software for your water business. Let’s see what some other features that can help your water delivery business immensely.

Route optimization

The water delivery software comes with route optimization feature which helps the delivery person to reach the destination in the least time possible. This feature suggests multiple routes and keeps them updated as per the amount of traffic.


Real-time tracking

The GPS technology is incorporated in the water delivery software that helps both admin and the customer to track the delivery person in real-time. The real-time delivery tracking application also shows customers the estimated time of arrival of their delivery person.

Multiple mode of payment

The water delivery software provides your customers with a multiple mode of payments. The customers can pay by using cash, card, or with the mobile wallet that is linked with the application.

Automated invoices

The water delivery application generates automated digital invoices just after the package is delivered to the customer. These invoices can be accessed the customers at any point of time in the future with the help of just a few clicks.

Auto-task allocation

With water delivery software in place the admin can make automated task allocations. The software chooses the best delivery person by considering various factors. This feature reduces the service time by a great extent.

Seamless communication

Ensure seamless communication with the help of water delivery system. This solution allows the admin to communicate with the delivery person at any instant. Moreover, it also allows the delivery person and the customer to contact each other. Seamless communication among all these actors considerably reduces the cases of missed deliveries.

Manage subscriptions

Apart from offering various products, the admin also define and offer various subscription models for their customers. Multiple types of subscription model often attracts many users as compared to a solitary subscription option.

Get a bird’s eye view

Admin can get a bird’s eye view of their business with the use of a water delivery solution. With an admin panel, the admin can visualize various things like service times, success rates, feedback scores, and many more. Admin can also segment all these data by week, month, day, and hour of the day.

Streamline the information flow

The mobile application plays a pivotal role in streamlining the flow of information. The water delivery software gets you rid of all the inefficient paperwork which makes the overall process fast and smooth. Moreover, the continuous automated notifications provide useful updates to both customers as well as the people in the back office.


Growing a water delivery is not easy. With a cut-throat competition in the market, you have to take all the steps wisely in order to succeed. In this article, we looked at those ways that help you to grow and scale your water delivery business efficiently.

Moreover, we also saw how a water delivery solution is an inevitable part for any water delivery business. We highlighted its various features and the benefits that your business can gain from them.

If you liked this article and are looking to read more such stuff then keep reading this space.


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