Significance of last mile delivery solution in logistics startups

We often tend to overlook the most important things in the business. In this guide, we are going to talk about last-mile delivery. There are numerous well-established logistics companies in the industry. In such a case, if you need to outperform these competitors, you need to have a tool that can help you excel.


The last-mile delivery solution is that tool for your business. Using last-mile delivery digital solutions, you can easily automate your delivery business. However, do not believe us. Trust the data.

According to research conducted by the Verified Market Research, the global last-mile delivery software market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 9.28% from 2019 to 2026, on the back of mushrooming route optimization software market size.

As per the data, the key drivers contributing to the growth of the last-mile delivery logistics management solution market include customizable delivery locations, optimized delivery routes, boosting customer experience, and increased control over the business.

The Rise Of Last-Mile Delivery Players For E-Commerce and Retail industry

Home delivery is no longer a luxury for customers of the eCommerce industry. It is a need.

On similar lines, when businessmen develop an online marketplace business, the integration of the last-mile delivery for eCommerce is crucial. Today, customers do not only select the eCommerce brand they want to purchase the products from; they also demand faster deliveries to their homes.

Today, ‘next day’, and ‘same-day’ delivery is an added convenience. In the future, it would be requisite. As a result, there has been a rise in the number of last-mile delivery players to offer the best service using automated delivery solutions.


Current issues with the last mile delivery solution

Last-mile operations and management is not an easy task. If you take it for granted, you are sure to miss out on a lot of deliveries. Hence, the list of problems with online deliveries would begin with customer dissatisfaction. As a result, your business is prone to suffering from losses.

Below are some of the top challenges that logistics businesses face:

Lack of visibility:

Limited visibility is one of the most significant issues that logistics businesses face. Since all logistics processes are managed offline, it becomes difficult for the logistics business to control and optimize the operations.

Failure in On-time delivery:

As we have already discussed, the demand for ‘same day’ as well as ‘next day’ delivery has been increasing. As a result, if the drivers fail to meet the deadlines, your client might not make the payment in full. Alternatively, the client may even terminate the contract if this amiss about the delivery becomes a routine episode.

Poor collaboration and communication:

For a logistics business to run in a seamless manner, it is important that all the teams in your company have a proper communication module. Using this communication module, they can be on the same page regarding all the issues and changes related to the client deliverables.

High fuel consumption:

Since you are using an offline delivery system, the last-mile delivery operations have to be conducted through a guess. For instance, when the delivery man sets out to fulfil a delivery, he can randomly take a guess and take a road. In such a case, this guessing game can lead to reckless fuel consumption.

These are some of the challenges that have social and financial repercussions. This is where the logistics tracking management system comes into the picture.

What are the benefits of last-mile delivery logistics solutions?

Now that we know the significance of the last-mile delivery logistics solutions, let us understand the benefits of last-mile delivery solutions:

Data synchronization:

Put your customer service agents to better use, while allowing the last-mile solution to generate and sync all the data for you. This way, you and your team can be on the same page.

Multiple consignments management:

Take more projects than you intend to fulfil and leverage the custom delivery planning logic to plan your priority deliveries for better customer satisfaction.


A single platform for the client, vendor, and customers means that they can interact with each other and be on the same page regarding the deliveries.

Expected Time of Arrival:

Offer your client with the ease to know when their delivery can be expected.

What features should be there in your last-mile delivery logistics solutions?

If you are planning to launch a last-mile delivery service business, you would need to seek consultation and assistance from a software development company.

It is recommended that you launch your business with the most viable features, and then move towards the advanced features. Below is the list of features that you should include in your last-mile delivery logistics solutions:

360-degree control with real-time delivery tracking software:

Know where your fleet is, how they are operating, and have complete control over the operations with the real-time delivery tracking system for logistic business.

Instant dispatch for quick service:

Strike a perfect balance between all your dispatches that is well equipped with the delivery route planning and optimization software for automatic dispatch to reduce labour cost.

Real-time data to choose the most efficient route:

Take a driver-centric approach and offer them the real-time tracking system so that they can view real-time data and choose better and faster routes to save time and fuel.

Proof of delivery for a legit receipt:

Beat the instances of fraud with proof of delivery feature of the last-mile solution that offers in-app notes, signature, photos, and barcodes.

Analyze better through the reports:

Track the changes in your fleet operations through analytics features, and make well-informed business decisions.

Maintain a high customer satisfaction quotient:

Boast a high customer satisfaction rate with features such as automatic notifications, feedback collection system, and integrated customer communication system.

Take the most efficient route with heat maps:

Let your driver receive descriptive and analytical data regarding the warehouse using the heat map feature. This way, the drivers can reach the warehouse faster and help make quick deliveries.


Significance of the Fixlastmile delivery solution in logistics startups

For years, last-mile had been behind the lights, while warehousing and fleet management systems had been in the mainstream. However, the scenario today is completely different.

Today, the brick-and-mortar stores are losing out on the sales prospects, while the eCommerce marketplaces are leveraging the sales opportunities. There is a lot of competition in the eCommerce space. Following this fierce competition, all the eCommerce companies are trying to partner with logistics startups that can provide better service.

Below are some of the other significances of our product Fixlastmile delivery solution for logistics startups:

Real-time delivery tracking system:

With your current business model, you might not have the required tools and equipment to track your delivery. In such a case, you do not know where the consignment is. Besides this, your delivery men may take some other route, which may be full of traffic. Did you consider fuel consumption?

A real-time delivery tracking system can get you out of the offline delivery puddle. This delivery routing software for logistic business offers the best route by taking into consideration various factors such as location, traffic, and time. In this manner, the software comes up with the best possible route for the delivery.

Dispatch made easy with auto-dispatch:

Do you remember the times when you have to fight your brains to do trial and error for allocating your drivers to your consignments? Oh! That’s part of your daily schedule.

Waking up in the morning and thinking about the best resource allocation may take up all your energy that you would have otherwise invested business planning.

In such a scenario, you need the best logistics management software to bring in the desired efficiency in your business. You need this delivery software for managing your logistic business for assigning the best driver to the task, thereby automating the dispatch process. Here, you can save time as well as resources.

Complete control over the system:

How many times have you come to a dead-end in your business? Dead end, as in, the situation when you had no data about the late or failed delivery. This could be a routine thing in your business if you don’t have proper data and insights.

This is when you can leverage the smart digital delivery solutions so that you can have all the business processes in your radar. You can easily set your business priorities, and realize all your goals with your team. You can sort your client and handle multiple consignments without stressing over them.

It happens so many times that the delivery is fulfilled and yet the client is asking for the consignment. There can be fraud activities with the delivery. In such a case, you may not have any proof to show that you have been deceived.

To curb the prevalence of fraud activities, you need the best delivery management software for your logistic business. Using this solution, your delivery men can fulfil the deliveries and have proof of it with the help of barcodes, notes, photos and signatures. When you are at the receiving end of such a fraud activity, you can pull out these receipts and show the proof of delivery to your clients.

Real-time visibility made possible:

You know your fleet is out there, but do you know the exact location? NO, right?

One of the unique features offered by this logistics optimization software is that you can have 360-degrees fleet visibility.

You can count the number of idle and active vehicles and plan your consignments properly. This real-time visibility feature of the pickup and delivery software for logistic business is that you can even reduce the instances of pilferage, spoilage, and theft.

Have reporting and analytics at your fingertips:

All the business processes that you are handling should have data and insights. If not, you should migrate to the platform or leverage a platform that offers your data as a cue to help you make a well-informed decision.

You can integrate the last mile delivery logistics management software in your existing business process to optimize your business operations and make the most out of it.

Final words

Running a logistics business is similar to running a delivery van. You have to learn how to do it, and then the last mile delivery digital solutions can be your helmet to secure your business’ revenue. You can too enhance the last mile customer experience in retail or any industry you wish using this automated software.

Want to know the last-mile delivery solution cost? Talk to us.


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