Provide the best pest control service with Fixlastmile

Offer top-notch pest control services with features like 24*7 tracking, intelligent task allocation, and advanced communication.

There are various types of professional pest control treatments such as chemical, biological, and mechanical which are used to control or kill the pest population. The pest control market has witnessed growth due to an increase in demand from the agriculture-based countries. Asia-Pacific is looking forward to be fastest expanding region for the pest control industry market.
However, there are many challenges that a pest control services face. These challenges are the hindrance in the smooth running of the pest control process.
Fixlastmile helps to overcome those challenges with specific solution. Our solution streamlines the business process by maintaining workers, task alignment, real time visibility, etc.

Challenges faced by the pest control industries

Maintain Employees

Many industries are experiencing an employee turnover rate that is unprecedented. Moreover, to manage workload with less workers without increasing staff is a challenge for the industry.

Unbalanced Workload

Due to poor governance the workload of employees is imbalanced due to which the work and task is not fairly divided to the employees.

Multiple requests

Pest control industries find it difficult when it comes to managing service requests which are more complex. Managing service requests and manually assigning to the employees is a time-consuming process which can have adverse effects on the productivity. Moreover, it also increases the overall labour cost.


Visibility of services and employees are required to track business and employee performance. Lack of visibility of the services make service process inaccurate and uncertain.

What Fixlastmile’s On-Demand Pest Control App has to offer

Configure working times

With our Pest Control Business Software, you can track the performance of employees to improve the overall business productivity. Moreover, you can also track employee’s real-time location along with updating the tasks in real time.

Plan realistic schedules

With Fixlastmile’s Pest control delivery system, a business can plan and track every process efficiently which helps them to keep the overall cost under control, reduce service time, increase performance and productivity and finally help them to achieve their business goal.

Intelligent task allocation capabilities

The Fixlastmile’s Pest Control App provides the feature to auto allocate service tasks to the most suitable employees after taking several factors under consideration like time, work capacity, traffic etc. This resource allocation solution helps to reduce labour work and labour cost.

Prioritize and assign tasks

Fixlastmile’s Pest Control solution allows you to assign and prioritise tasks to the employees. Service tasks can be prioritised by nearest route and distance. Business administration can prioritize and allocate services to the employees.

Advanced Communication

The Fixlastmile’s Pest Control Business System provides effective communication with your employees is very essential. It helps to speed up the process and decision making.

Configurable start and end locations for employees

Fixlastmile’s Pest control delivery system offers service route planning visualisation with which the employees can view route on map and provide a service in simple and easy way by route optimization feature which results in reduction of average service time along with improving the productivity.

What can you achieve with Fixlastmile?

Granular Monitoring

With Fixlastmile’s Pest Control solutions, you can enhance productivity of the business by analysing performance. Moreover, you can monitor all workforce performance metrics via analytics provided by Fixlastmile pest control app which enhances workforce productivity.

Proof of Service

Fixlastmile simplifies the completion requirement for the employees with in app-collection of signatures, notes, images etc. for better service experience.

Well organized Processes

Our platform offers features which allows automation in the process and organizes the process to utilize the capacity of business employees as well as enhance customer experience and engagement.

Achieve business goals

Our platform makes reporting easier and makes service process transparent. Business can achieve their goal by enhancing service level, reducing cost, and repeating service ratio.