In this age of on demand delivery, patient don’t want to go to the drug store for purchasing medicines. Despite regulations, customers have Laundry industry is one of the industries which is established and yet in a developing state. Laundry businesses often have to adapt to the varying market to address the customer needs in a better manner.

The emerging trends within the market like laundry as a convenience, technology, spoke models, foundation of the hub, and increasing demand for environment-friendly products when implemented successfully, can drive exponential growth in the market in the coming years.

Over the years, many features like schedule pickups and drop-offs, ease of payment, and tracking the laundry status have become a vital part of laundry business applications. Laundry businesses that implements all these features have come out successful.

Major Factors affecting Laundry Services

The major factor that affects the laundry service is the requirement of a huge numbers of delivery persons due to poor delivery management. To overcome this challenge, the companies have to hire a huge number of personnel which increases the overall expenditure.

Another major factor which laundry businesses face is of logistical errors. It’s obvious since the laundry business involves process like pick-ups and deliveries, the most common type of error occurring is nothing but logistical.

Laundry businesses also face problems which are pretty hard to predict and which adversely affects day-to-day management. These problems are inability of delivery person to find customers location, and unavailability of customers at the time of pick-up or delivery.

Transparency is another major factor faced by many laundry businesses. Customers nowadays wants to monitor the entire process of their laundry delivery.

How Fixlastmile optimizes your laundry delivery business

Fixlastmile is a powerful platform that helps your laundry business to combat all the above challenges. It provides you with a top-notch software infrastructure to efficiently manage delivery persons, deliveries of clothes, and smooth pickups.

The On-demand laundry solution helps your business to perform various activities simultaneously like managing on-the-ground delivery person and real-time tracking of all deliveries, pick-ups and drivers from single web panel.

What clients achieved with Fixlastmile

The auto order allocation reduced speed up monitoring process, manpower, and labour cost along with saving time and arranging the order management seamlessly.

The on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning delivery app played a significant role in creating strong bonds with customers by meeting all their expectations.

The laundry delivery system’s route optimization algorithms improved the accuracy along with ensuring that delivery persons were able to complete the highest possible number of deliveries in the least amount of time.

Customer collaboration helped to avoid failed deliveries and met customer expectations which increased customer loyalty and resulted in greater revenue generation.

Realtime order and driver tracking achieved by our on-demand laundry solution increased productivity and customer service. It also significantly reduced fuel consumption and delivery costs along with maintaining the customer transparency.

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