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Fixlastmile is a US-based company that builds top-notch last mile delivery solutions

Fixlastmile was founded in 2018 and since then has emerged out to be one of the most successful companies which has consistently delivered top-notch last mile delivery software. The co-founders of Fixlastmile had previously founded a company called Yelowsoft in 2017 which too turned out to be a huge success. The goal of Fixlastmile is simply to outperform itself by developing innovative last mile delivery systems for its clients.

Advanced last mile delivery software for every business

Fixlastmile’s last mile delivery software shows great versatility as it can optimize last mile delivery of several businesses. Few of them are mentioned below.

Food and beverage

Deliver food quickly with advanced route planning.

Courier and parcel

Increase overall efficiency by automating delivery tasks.

Plant delivery

Deliver more plants with route optimization.

Water delivery

Visualize success rates and on-time rates on a web panel.

Retail delivery

Increase capacity utilization with Fixlastmile.

Medicine delivery

Carry out real-time dispatching with Fixlastmile.

Workforce Management

Field operation management made easy with Fixlastmile

FMCG delivery

Deliver FMCG goods quickly and accurately

Laundry delivery

Optimize your laundry delivery service with Fixlastmile

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Why you must go for our
Last Mile Delivery Management Software

Our last mile delivery solution has several benefits that makes it an inevitable part of logistics and supply chain business. Have a look at some of our additional benefits.

Real-time tracking

Track all your last mile delivery status in real-time and on a map interface. You can also share this through push notification APIs or secured links.

Delivery rescheduling

On non-availability of customer, the delivery agent can inform the customer in real-time and fix another time for the delivery.

Interactive dashboard

Manage and analyze your last mile delivery by using trend lines, heat maps, and planned vs actual SLA comparisons in an interactive dashboard.

Electronic proof of delivery

Electronic proof of address as geo-coordinates, signature, timestamp, and image along with card management and cash at point of sale.

Smart algorithm for matching

Smart algorithm is responsible for matching the driver by considering various parameters such as: time, location, and resource capacity.

Automated route optimization

Automated delivery route planning & optimization for various distribution models like single pick-up multiple drop and multiple drop - multiple pickup.

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