The mineral water or bottled water businesses deliver purified and quality drinking water cans to customers at their preferred time and place. Their services help urban residents to save time and reduce the daily issues of uncertain water, while enabling utilities to become more efficient and more transparent.

But sometimes these businesses face issues and fail to deliver orders to the customer on time. There are many instances where the jobs are forgotten which results in the repeated delivery in the same several times a week. This used to adversely affect the overall efficiency.

Fixlastmile’s Water Distribution Management System provides a solution where businesses can overcome all the challenges and can run their business smoothly.

Hurdles in providing water bottles service

Maintaining deliveries

The biggest hurdle is to maintain deliveries when there are a large number of orders that are to be delivered on the same day. Many a times, businesses fail to properly allocate their drivers as the same delivery area was allocated to multiple drivers.

Delivery record

Sometimes business fails to keep a record of each delivery when water bottles needs to be delivered on a daily basis or several times. Drivers also face an issue to manage number of bottles delivered per day to each customer. On the other hand, there are also chances of miscalculation of delivered bottles by the customers.

Missed delivery & customer complaints

There are multiple aspects that may contribute to missed or late deliveries. Missed deliveries commonly happens because either the customer wasn’t available at home to accept delivery, or their address was not correct etc. This causes dissatisfaction in the customer and increases the customer complaints; at the end you lose customers which eventually results in loss of revenue.

Time consumption

A lot of time is consumed due to mismanagement in the maintenance of delivery and assignment of deliveries to each driver. Using last mile delivery solution; business can save time and in return business can use it to focus on other key aspects of the business.

New deliveries

Businesses requires a solution which allows them to accept a new delivery request as soon as an online order / phone call / email / web inquiry comes in. Moreover, customers also prefer to place an order online due to its convenience.

Boost your water delivery business

Manage everything online

Fixlastmile’s Water Delivery Software provides a platform where business, driver and customer can manage everything online. Business can manage order allocation, driver and deliveries tracking easily using a web panel. Drivers can view delivery location using Google Maps where customers can track driver online as well as send order request from customer booking form.

Bird’s eye – view

Using Fixlastmile’s web panel, business can visualize success rates, on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, distance travelled and more. They can also segment data by teams, drivers, day, week, and even hour of the day.

Live updates

Keep the track record with live updates of each deliveries, drivers and orders with Fixlastmile’s Online Water Delivery Software. Fixlastmile allows businesses to track order status, and drivers. On the other hand, customers are notified with updated status of their delivery.

Dynamic route optimization

The route optimization feature helps businesses to minimize driving time and fuel consumption by finding the most efficient route. Besides that, optimization technique also reduces the avoidable transportation delays.

Auto task allocation

With Automated task allocation, the deliveries are automatically allocated to best suited driver based on delivery location and many other parameters. This plays a significant role in reducing the service time and labour costs by sending the right driver to the right location at the right time.

Easy transmission

Communication with driver and customer makes deliveries smoother and reduces the number of missed deliveries. It also increases the repeat ratio due to higher customer satisfaction.

What can you achieve with Fixlastmile?

Simplify operation

Simplify your operations with Automated task allocation, route optimization, and live tracking, where the customer can view the driver’s live location along with accurate ETA. This followed up with a communication feature makes the whole process simpler for all business owners, drivers, and customers.

Delivery reports

Fixlastmile’s Drinking Water Delivery App Service provides delivery reports that helps the admin to find out which delivery was made by which driver and to which customer with accurate time and date. This makes tracking of orders and delivery easy. Admins, drivers, and customers can keep a record of their deliveries with delivery reports.

Level of service

Using Fixlastmile’s Water Distribution Management System can improve the level of service. Improved service level increases customer satisfaction, long term loyalty and retention as well as helps to increase business revenue.

Achieve business goals

Increasing business revenue by improving service level, customer satisfaction, and repeat ratio ultimately helps business to achieve business goal.

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