Fast Moving Consumer Goods are intended for direct end users. These products are progressed in high volume and have complex distribution needs. This makes logistics supply chain crucial for fast moving consumer goods industries.

Delivery of these products is highly on demand. Delivering these goods to customers on time is very crucial. Managing and maintaining complexities of daily or scheduled deliveries with less drivers is a challenge for several FMCG companies.

What are the barriers of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Delivery?

Unable to track drivers

Without a robust system in place the FMCG companies are unable to track drivers and get live updates of the delivery boys.

Inadequate integrated technology platforms

Inadequacy of integrated technology platforms across planning, forecasting, delivering is also a barrier which various FMCG companies are facing.

Time consumption

Manual task assignment and manual task update increases labour cost and consumes more time

Limited supply

FMCG companies get limited supply as they employ the traditional delivery method.

Sales Efficiency and cost effectiveness

Lack of accurate planning can have a direct impact on delivery costs and sales.

Ways to overcome these barriers with Fixlastmile’s FMCG solution

Giant organizations are dealing with number of distributors and retailers and a Fast-Moving Consumer goods delivery app can help in the real-time delivery management for the company, distributor and retailer.

There are essential elements involved in the last mile delivery process that consumers are looking for namely the speed, timeliness, accuracy, and precision of the product deliveries after reaching their location point. All these things can be achieved by getting a FMCG software.

System controller

  • The FMCG system comes with scheduling delivery that saves administrator’s timing and makes sales forecasts more accurate.
  • With Fixlastmile’s FMCG app, you can monitor and track movements of goods to distributors and retailers.
  • Distributor administrator can receive and transmit real-time information with Fixlastmile’s Uber for pickup and delivery app.
  • Fixlastmile’s Uber for Moving App helps you to study business performance, track driver, and serve better to the consumer. This ultimately helps in cutting down the cost.

Delivery Person

  • Fixlastmile’s Moving & Furniture Delivery app helps the delivery person in on time delivery with enroot analytics that decreases ETA uncertainties and increases the average delivery ratio.
  • Fixlastmile’s Fast Moving Consumer goods delivery solution optimizes the routes by taking factors into consideration like ground-level traffic and weather information.
  • With Fixlastmile, a delivery person can identification the delivery location by using map view and selecting the shortest way to reach the delivery location.


  • Fast Moving Consumer goods delivery app helps in fulfilling the needs of customers by providing order accuracy throughout delivery process.
  • Fixlastmile’s FMCG app comes with electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) for digitization of the processes and decreasing friction with customers.
  • Provide customers with instant alerts which improves customer service and reduces exposure to financial risk.

What can you achieve with Fixlastmile’s FMCG software?

  • Fixlastmile’s moving app reduces the turnaround time for the customer by optimizing last-mile delivery operations, customers location from warehouses/distribution centres, and reducing sorting times at fulfilment centres.
  • Fixlastmile’s FMCG software offers precise order tracking with which you can execute delivery operations efficiently, improve turnaround times, and achieve higher customer satisfaction.
  • Fixlastmile’s FMCG solution helps you to maximize the number of deliveries which improves sales productivity & efficiency.
  • Cut down extra resource costs & maintenance costs.
  • Decreased Vehicle Wear & Tear and Increased Vehicle Utilization.
  • A smooth overall delivery experience which boosts efficiency and cuts down costs.

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