In this age of on demand delivery, patient don’t want to go to the drug store for purchasing medicines. Despite regulations, customers have demonstrated that they want to receive their medicines at home.

In 2016, the Consumer Online Foundation commissioned a survey where 61% people preferred buying their pharmaceutical products online. A home-delivery for pharmaceutical products is obviously more convenient for patients.

Same-day delivery services plays a large role in changing how pharmacists get medications to patients.

Challenges faced by pharmacies

Medical deliveries are time sensitive

Delivering medicines to patients is a time sensitive process. Any delay could have fatal results for the patients. That’s why it becomes extremely crucial to have a quick and reliable delivery system.

Progress reports

To keep a record of pharmacy products and the inventory is a complex and herculean task. This is the reason why progress reports cannot be analyzed.

Supply chain visibility

Supply chain visibility is one of the biggest challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry due to its complexity. It’s because it involves operational challenges of interacting and working with a massive number of suppliers.

Orders allocation

Inaccurate order allocation can prove to be costly for both the pharmacy as well as the patient. For pharmacies, the inaccurate order allocation results in higher delivery costs along with late deliveries. And for patients it might cause frustration due to prolonged waiting and in the worst-case scenario it may result in the loss of life.

Lack of co-ordination

The absence of the medicine delivery system causes a great deal issues for the pharmacy. The co-ordination among the various teams suffers a lot due to the absence of an online system which ultimately results in late or missed deliveries.

What does Fixlastmile offer?

Real-time tracking of delivery

Fixlastmile’s medicine delivery software allows you to track all of your deliveries in real-time. This ensures that there are no missing healthcare products or unnecessary delays which ultimately reduces the potential loss of money.

Digital records

Fixlastmile’s pharmacy delivery solution allows you to keep all the medical records in digital forms. Going paperless helps in a big way since it eliminates the possibility of loss of data due to wear and tear of paper.

Moreover, it’s easier and more convenient to manage and find records in digital form as compared to the paper documents.

Going paperless improves your business process and boosts your delivery service experience.

Reports & analytics

Fixlastmile’s on demand pharmacy delivery app provides you with powerful reports and analytics. These reports provide you vital business insights that help you in evaluating your strategies efficiently.

Dispatcher dashboard

Carry out auto planned orders & real-time dispatching with the dispatcher dashboard of Fixlastmile’s medicine delivery system.

It also comes with a web-based panel that helps you to monitor your daily performances with great accuracy.

Digital signature

Digitally capturing a photo or making delivery notes before completing a delivery reduce friction and potential disputes between pharmacies and patients.

That’s why the driver application of Fixlastmile’s pharmacy delivery solution allows the driver to take the digital signature along with all other modes of Proof of delivery.

ETA predictor

Fixlastmile’s medicine delivery software provides the patients with a feature where patient is notified for his medicine delivery with Live ETAs.

Outcome after using Fixlastmile Solution

Improved supply chain

Fixlastmile’s on demand medicine delivery app streamlined delivery process with auto dispatching orders and route optimization.

Boost delivery experience

Deliveries became faster and more organized for all parties - patients, dispensaries, and drivers.

Satisfied patient demands

Speedy medicine delivery, easy communication with driver and real-time tracking of medicine delivery enhanced the patient’s satisfaction.

Enhance productivity;

The advanced algorithms of Fixlastmile’s pharmacy delivery software, enhanced the delivery operations, number of deliveries and minimized the overall delivery charge.

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