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How last mile delivery is going to happen during and after lockdown. Can Fixlastmile help in this situation?

How last mile delivery is going to happen during and after lockdown. Can Fixlastmile help in this situation?

  • Last Updated on 31 October 2020
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Last mile delivery services have been here over a long haul. They provide the ease and convenience of ensuring clients get what they need delivered to their doorsteps. However, with the COVID-19 crisis, many fixed last mile delivery companies have been forced to re-focus and re-strategize to enhance their service delivery options during this period and after.


Current Situation

The impact of COVID-19 on supply chain industries across the globe cannot be ignored. This is attributed to social distancing and stringent travel measures that have led to the closure of non-essential shops, restaurants and different institutions. In many countries, the increase in demand for grocery deliveries and reduced need for physical shopping has been quite notable.

This is why COVID 19 online food delivery or online food delivery solutions during coronavirus have been put in place to enhance food delivery safety. It is crucial in significantly growing the on-demand industry.

Important Things to be delivered

While the crisis has crippled most sectors of the economy across the globe, things have been crazy for the supplies industry. However, it has managed to deliver essential items including logistics where most deliveries and supplies almost took a grinding halt. Last mile delivery solutions have ensured the delivery of essential logistics and commodities

Consumer goods also have to be delivered. Most stores and supermarkets are now serving clients in different localities. The need to ensure timely delivery of perishable goods has been a challenge but the last mile delivery industry has been working extra hard to adapt to prevailing on-demand food delivery changes and ensure clients’ needs are met.


One of the challenges with food delivery is that there are concerns about whether food delivery causes COVID. For service providers and top companies like Uber, this means going the extra mile to assure clients that all safety standards have been adhered to during the food packaging and delivery processes. This applies to fresh food and grocery deliveries to clients in different regions.

The healthcare industry is also not left behind with the on-demand delivery service. Many patients get their drugs delivered to their doorsteps. With virtual consultations and delivery of essential healthcare services, many have benefited from the technology because it eliminates the need for travel amid social distancing guidelines that have been issued by different authorities.

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How to Deliver

Collaboration and Partnership

When it comes to last-mile delivery during and after lockdown, how to deliver essential products and services is a top priority. The crisis has called for deep collaboration among relevant stakeholders and many companies have been partnering with each other to ensure timely delivery. For instance in India, FMCG organizations have leveraged their expertise to ensure clients get essential commodities and quality deliveries at their doorsteps during the challenging times.

Uber has partnered with Spencer’s and Big Basket online retail platform to leverage its grocery delivery to clients.

ITC Limited, on the other hand, is forging a partnership with QSR chain Jubilant FoodWorks, for timely delivery of Domino Pizzas among other essential commodities. This includes ITC’s spices and flour that can be ordered on Domino’s app and have them delivered by Domino’s zero contact delivery service.

The other companies that have partnered with food delivery services include Marico, Britannia industries and Dunzo.

These partnerships are crucial amid COVID-19 crisis because, despite the challenges, the client’s expectations in regards to timely and quality deliveries will continue to grow. As such, there is a need for the most efficient for last-mile delivery logistics solutions that will ensure convenience during and after lockdown.

The Use of Apps

The use of delivery apps also enhances the delivery of essential goods. Most on time or last mile delivery companies and consumer goods and service providers today have apps. Leveraging on the apps helps to enhance seamless service delivery to clients during the crisis. It also creates room for long term benefits among service providers and their clients.

Last mile delivery technology

Last mile delivery technology and the availability of reliable and trusted software are therefore the real saver for the supply chain industry. When it comes to addressing any issue related to last mile delivery, growing a sensible investment and preparing or adapting to unprecedented economic times, Fixlastmile helps to enhance seamless operations. It also helps an organization to differentiate itself from relevant competitors.

With the technology, companies can learn how to sustain business because, at the end of the day, clients expect speedy, quality, authentic and efficient deliveries. This means using technology to make everything work for the betterment of an organization and its clients.

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How Fixlastmile will help

As mentioned earlier, the impact of coronavirus on on-demand delivery industry is felt by different companies. The good thing is that fixed last mile delivery helps in several ways. It plays a significant role in ensuring a seamless distribution of critical and essential supplies during and after the pandemic. With varying levels of responsiveness to the crisis, service providers and clients can explore last mile delivery capabilities for undisrupted service delivery.

With the impact of coronavirus on demand industry in regards to hygiene, health and essential consumer goods, clients can leverage a network of frontline health service products and last mile delivery service providers can deliver face masks, soap and sanitizers when needed. Regardless of challenges surrounding the quality, safety and pricing of such products, fixed last mile delivery ensure efficient distribution of the essentials through efficient Online Medicine with Free Home Delivery.

Managing with Staff Shortage

Last mile delivery also helps organizations to manage with staff shortages. Over the past few months, some companies have laid off their employees. This happens while there is still a need to deliver essentials to clients across different regions.

By leveraging last mile optimization solutions, companies such as Urbantz have ensured rapid expansion of COVID-19 home delivery service by Red Cross France. LMD technology automates and scales up operations even with a shortage of drivers and other supplies and distribution staff.

Last mile delivery optimization solution also enhances contactless residential delivery options amid social distancing guidelines

  • It promotes route optimisation
  • It balances loads on different networks
  • The technology encourages interactive delivery and client experience
  • With an on-demand delivery app, clients can also receive real-time notifications on delivery of their products and services
  • It also helps to serve clients efficiently including those who are not tech savvy

Last mile route optimization solution also ensures client fulfilment as well as the success of a last mile delivery company amid the crisis.



Clearly, the rate of economic slowdown during the COVID-19 crisis has been a challenge even to global giants. The curve is not yet predictable. Everyone from service providers to retailers is feeling the pinch. If not well taken care of, the situation could cripple organizations for an unprecedented period. However, for supplies and delivery companies’ Last mile delivery tracking app provides cushioning during such tough times.

Last mile delivery technology helps in addressing delays and shortage of supplies, increases home deliveries and supports where delivery staff are not available. The technology is designed as instant support, cushion and support for organizations who have made investments over many years.

By optimising Real-Time Delivery Tracking System, service providers also reduce cases of delayed and lost packages. In a nutshell, last mile delivery technology provides short and long term solutions for companies. Whether it is delivery of parcels, automotive parts, food, groceries and logistics, the technology makes sure companies have the best control of their operations during the challenging period.

Final Words

Last mile delivery technologies offers unique capabilities to supplies and delivery industry. While the COVID-19 crisis has pushed organizations to nearly a standstill, clients are still expecting quality delivery.

With delivery scheduling software and last mile delivery solutions, companies are now flexible, they can plan for unforeseen circumstances, follow up deliveries and adapt to the new normal while focusing on quality product and service delivery to clients, during and after lockdown.

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