In the age of on-demand services, the customers are expecting quick home delivery of their food and beverages. This is what keeps the owners of restaurants on their toes. To overcome this, many businesses have started home delivery of their food and beverages to their customer’s doorsteps.

With the help of Fixlastmile’s last-mile delivery solution, all those businesses can easily manage and streamline their delivery processes. This would enhance the overall efficiency of their business and ultimately increase the revenue along with establishing customer transparency.


Common problems that arise in food & beverage delivery

The food and beverage delivery are a lengthy and complex process with a series of problems which must be solved. Let’s have a look at all those problems.

Failing to meet customer expectations

Today’s tech-savvy customers have high expectations when it comes to the quality of the service. This expectation poses a massive challenge for enterprises.

High chances of missing deliveries

When you’re managing the whole operation manually, then there are high chances that you may miss some food & beverages deliveries due to human error.

Complexity of order management

With the absence of a food delivery dispatch software, food & beverages companies find it difficult to deal with the complexity of orders which results in inaccurate orders.

Unable to track the drivers

Without a last mile delivery in place, it becomes difficult to keep a track of all your drivers and the shipment. This makes the process lengthy, inaccurate, and uncertain.

Time consumption

Managing orders and allocating resources manually can be a time-consuming process which in turn can have an adverse effect your productivity.

Lack of communication

Communication is a key component in the food & beverages delivery. The lack of communication among the admin, delivery person, and customer can result in delivery failure.

Record maintenance

In the absence of a last mile delivery solution, it becomes difficult to keep records safe and segregated i.e., the past record and current ones with latest status.

Lack of central system

With the absence of a centralized system, many food and beverage companies are not able to identify and receive customer’s requests instantly.

Easy and efficient dispatch

Efficiently manage all your dispatch operations with Fixlastmile’s interactive & intuitive dashboard. Make dispatch quick and accurate with route planning and software optimization.

instant dispatch

Auto-Allocation of orders

Fixlastmile’s automated allocation system allocates various orders to the most suitable driver after taking several factors under consideration.

Advanced route planning

Execute multiple deliveries along with ensuring that your delivery man takes the most efficient route with the help of advanced route planning.

Real-time customer feedback

Receive vital customer feedback in real-time to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Customer feedback helps you in performance assessment.

Uncomplicate your driver’s job

The feature rich driver application has an interactive and intuitive user interface, which makes your driver’s job easier than ever.

Proof of delivery

Fixlastmile’s last mile delivery solution simplifies the completion requirements for drivers with the help of an in-app collection of signatures, notes, photos, and barcodes.

Customer interaction

With the driver application, the delivery man can interact with the customer at any time via SMS, chat, or call. Continuous interaction with customer rapidly decreases the delivery failure ratio.


Analyze performance

Drivers can enhance their productivity by analyzing their performance with the help of a comprehensive driver performance metrics and a detailed history of all the tasks.

View summary

With Fixlastmile’s driver app, the driver can see the summary of all the orders delivered by using various filters such as day, week, and month.

Satisfy your customer’s need

Delight your customers by satisfying all their needs with the help of a strong feedback process, integrated communication, and real-time updates.

Real-time notifications

Keep your customers informed by sending them real-time notifications. These notifications update the customer about their delivery status and ETA.

Feedback system

Feedback is crucial and hence we provide the customers with a feedback form in which they can write their review/suggestions along with rating the services.


Seamless customer communication

Provide seamless customer communication by allowing your customers to contact the driver, dispatcher, and call centers with just a single tap.

Track order in real-time

The customers receive an SMS which consists of a link for the real-time tracking of their order. The link redirects the customers to the responsive web tracking.

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What you can achieve with Fixlastmile?

Fixlastmile’s last mile delivery solution is a boon for the food and beverages companies as it allows them to achieve:

Streamlined operations

Fixlastmile’s last mile delivery solution automates repetitive tasks along with streamlining all other complex processes to save time, money, and energy.

Reduced average delivery time

Achieve reduced average delivery time with the help of automated allocation of orders, route optimization, and effective communication.

Increased repeat customer rate

With the help of Fixlastmile’s last mile delivery solution, you can provide an A-grade quality service which ultimately increases the repeat customer rate.

Increased revenue

Reduction in the average delivery time along with the increase in the repeat customer rate ensures increase in the total revenue.

Reduction in missed deliveries

With automation and a strong communication infrastructure in place, you can eliminate all the human error thus reducing missed deliveries.

Reduction in staff overheads

Fixlastmile’s last mile delivery solution automates many operations thus eliminating the need of many staff members and their overheads.

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