Fixlastmile – The perfect solution for your delivery business during COVID-19 crises

We at Fixlastmile are very well aware of the fact that the current situation is unprecedented. The current crisis has made many business owners worried and anxious as to how will they be able to continue their business.

Fixlastmile is an answer to all these questions. With our advanced and robust last mile delivery solution, any delivery business can thrive even at these times of uncertainty. Our solution is feature-rich and made from cutting-edge technologies and tools that will increase the efficiency of your business by leaps and bounds.


Instant dispatch

Manage all your dispatch operations efficiently with Fixlastmile’s intuitive & interactive dashboard on both mobile and web applications along with our Delivery Route Optimization & Planning Software.

instant dispatch

Route optimization

Discover efficient routes by taking various factors under consideration such as time, traffic, and capacity with route optimization.

Bird-eye view

Bird-eye view enables you to focus on major priorities along with searching queries with the help of status, time, and team filter.

Automated dispatch

The automatic dispatch system helps you to assign the most suitable driver for the right task and at the right time along with reducing labour cost and service time.

Delight your drivers with a companion app

Fixlastmile’s companion app for the drivers comes with an intuitive and interactive UI. It’s also a feature-rich application which makes their life convenient.

Easy onboarding

Fixlastmile’s companion application has a simple, interactive, and intuitive user interface for both the platforms, i.e. Android and iOS which makes the process of onboarding extremely simple for new drivers.

Choose faster routes with real-time tracking

Receive real-time data such as customer info, order, and many more. Secondly, with the help of real-time tracking, your drivers can avoid high traffic and choose better & faster routes to achieve high accuracy and precision.

Proof of delivery

Our last mile delivery solution makes the execution of the completion requirements extremely easy via in-app collections of notes, barcodes, signatures, and photos.

Improve productivity with performance metrics

Our last mile delivery solution helps you in improving productivity and ensuring accountability via a detailed task history and comprehensive driver performance metrics.

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Rejoice your customers

Rejoice your customers with the help of real-time updates, strong feedback procedure, and integrated customer communication.

Seamless customer communication

Our solution ensures seamless customer communication by allowing them to contact their driver, delivery person, dispatchers, and call centres with just a few taps on their phone. You may keep calls anonymous for safety.

Track drivers in real-time

With Fixlastmile’s real-time delivery tracking system, customers can view real-time locations of their drivers along with ETAs which are presented as the part of the responsive web tracking experience.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is crucial for every business that’s why we provide a feedback form to collect feedback from all your customers. In this, all the customers can writer their reviews about their experience with the service.

Automated notifications

Update your customers by sending automated SMS notifications in real-time. Inform them about the whole journey of their package right from when the delivery started and when it will it be expected to arrive.

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Reports & analytics

The reports and analytics of our last mile delivery software provide you with critical data related to your business in a graphical form. This data helps you to make insight-driven business decisions.


Take better decisions

Take better decisions by analyzing your performance from the crucial data provided to you by analytics and reports.

Audit key metrics

Envision all the critical metrics like service times, on-time rates, distance travelled, feedback scores, and more.

Heat maps

Heat maps generate descriptive and predictive analytics which tells you what might happen in the near future thus helping you to plan better.

Upgrade your last-mile deliveries with Fixlastmile

Avail the 14-day trial of Fixlastmile to restore your business by boosting your last mile deliveries.

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Why choose Fixlastmile in times of COVID-19?

Fixlastmile’s last mile delivery is a perfect solution for your business in the times of coronavirus due to the below additional benefits.

Effective route planning

Fixlastmile enables you to identify all the bottlenecks by envisioning all your routes from which you can compare all the planned routes with the actual routes that present on the map interface.

ETA calculation

The delivery route optimization and real-time re-routing allow you to calculate the estimated time of arrival (ETA) in real-time.

Functions well in poor data

Fixlastmile’s last mile delivery software is not totally dependent on internet connectivity. It can operate even in the regions having low data penetration.


We introduced mandatory phone calls to customers as a standard procedure. This helps your businesses to get a real-time update of the inventory status.

Manage multiple orders

With Fixlastmile, you can apply custom delivery planning logic that can create shipments of the same delivery slot from the application’s backend console.

Automatically update the data

Fixlastmile’s solution saves your agents from having to slog through the data as they can simply update all entire data via an IVR call.

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