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How to sustain your business during the coronavirus pandemic

How to sustain your business during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Last Updated on 01 May 2020
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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world like never before. All the businesses of various industry verticals are facing its impact as more and more places are being shut down as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease).


Many business owners are puzzled as it’s an unprecedented situation for them. They don’t know what can they do when the majority of their consumers are sitting at home to prevent this pandemic. If you’re also thinking the same, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss and explore various ways by which you can help your business sustain in spite of the current scenario. So, without any delay let’s begin.

Offer home delivery if you haven’t already

One of the most fundamental rules of business is to keep yourself in the shoes of the customers. And this couldn’t have been truer in the current time of the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone is compelled to stay at home. At this very moment, all a customer want is to access various services and get products delivered at their homes.

Many businesses like GrubHub and UberEats are already leveraging on this by providing home delivery services. Now, you might say that all these are food-delivery businesses and it only makes sense that they will thrive in the Corona Pandemic. However, it’s not true.


With time, home delivery has gained prominence in multiple sectors such as meal delivery, grocery stores, liquor stores, and many more. Apart from that, we have also seen some major changes taking place in the eCommerce sector due to Amazon.

All the above sector has been growing; however, not everyone has adopted home delivery for their business. And this time is perfect for them to adapt to the current situation by getting home delivery service for their business.

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Offer curbside delivery

Many of you might have heard of restaurants offering curbside delivery. So, why can’t other businesses adopt this strategy as well? If your shop is closed to walk-ins due to the lockdown, then you can start offering curbside pickup for all the orders that are placed online or are called in. Curbside delivery can be a saviour for you and your business as it’s an effective and secure way to deliver your goods to your consumers.

Do more with the available resources

All the businesses including even those who offer curbside pickup or home delivery are facing the consequences due to the Coronavirus. Perhaps, the best you can do now is to optimize your business. You might think that you’re putting your best efforts, but there’s always a room for improvement. You can find out creative ways to achieve more from the less. You can find ways to make your deliveries faster, accurate, and organized. You can achieve this with the help of last mile route optimization software.

With the help of route optimization software, you can complete your deliveries in less time by optimizing routes and organizing multiple orders. Moreover, you can also automate the dispatching to keep-up with the increasing demand. This allows you to focus on other important tasks.


Establish and increase communication with your customers

As most of the consumers around the world are spending most of their time indoors, it becomes very important that you keep communicating with them. At this time, most of the people are using social media and reading news updates to keep them in touch with the outer world. This is a golden opportunity for you to connect with the people and tell them about your offerings.

Market your solutions by keeping coronavirus in mind

The impact of the coronavirus on industries and businesses is severe. One of the ways to overcome this is to adapt the marketing of your service or products for the duration of the pandemic. You can do this by first asking yourself if your product or service is of any value or relevance in the coronavirus crisis.

Increased, adapted, and flexible marketing is the need of the hour for any business right now, as many people are wondering if some businesses are still operational or not. You must ensure that you market your business in such a way that it reaches your target audience along with letting them know that you’re still operational and going strong.

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Maintain daily operation by using alternative solutions

Coronavirus has disrupted many things like travel arrangements, staffing, communication, supply chain, and many other important components of the business. You can overcome this by brainstorming creative and using alternative solutions instead of simply cancelling events, trips, business plans.

Let’s take an example to understand this. Let’s say a prospective customer of yours is about to visit your office or production area. However, they are hesitating to visit due to the coronavirus pandemic. In such a scenario, you can offer them alternative options like Facetime meeting. You can also send them the pre-recorded footage of your premises if the sole purpose of the visit was to see it properly.


It’s easy for anyone to lose hope in these tough times. However, one must understand that this phase will pass very soon and life will be back on track. Meanwhile, you must sustain your business with the help of all the methods mentioned above. Especially, if it’s a delivery business then you can get last mile delivery software to make all your deliveries faster, simpler, and accurate to your customer’s doorsteps. You must realize that if your business gets through this phase then it will become stronger than ever post COVID-19.

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