In today’s market, last mile delivery has got immense potential due to its significance in the retail industry. Ecommerce industries are now realizing that delivery options are one of the major factors in the customer’s decision-making process.

Thus, there is a need to focus on innovative strategic solutions to optimize the delivery of their products.

However, last mile delivery poses many challenges that must be tackled to keep up the pace with the increasing demand.

Challenges faced by retailers

Unable to fulfil expectations

Studies have shown that consumers are ready to pay an additional charge for quicker delivery. Despite this, we observe that most customers choose the cheapest mode of delivery.

This has pushed retail businesses and startups to tackle the challenge by offering faster modes of delivery at a cheaper price.

This push is clearly visible by the fact that the same-day delivery market is expected to reach a mammoth amount of $9.96 billion by the year 2025.

Unnecessary delays

Customer-related problems such as incorrect addresses, urban congestion, remote locations and customers’ non-availability at the location causes unnecessary delays and repeated delivery attempts.

This makes the estimation of the cost involved in the last mile delivery difficult as such nuances cannot be accounted accurately.

Similarly delays can also occur from the retailer’s behalf if there’s no solution that can assign and maintain new deliveries.

Budget issues

Cost is an age-old problem; however, new expectations, particularly regarding same-day delivery has put a greater strain on budgets.

Additionally, when it comes to online retail, there is a possibility of irregular orders, such as increasingly higher volumes of orders during holidays.

No real time visibility

Customers want full, real-time visibility of their orders including the exact time of delivery. This poses a huge challenge for the retail companies. And many a time retailers cannot keep track of current order delivery status. Thus, not able to report customers for their current lives. order.

Our solution to improve the last mile delivery service

Live shipment tracking with notifications

With Fixlastmile’s retail delivery solution, you could manage and track all your logistics movement from a single dashboard.

This dashboard would give all the details about your drivers, deliveries, vehicles, orders, customers, routes, and many more.

Making the process more transparent, Fixlastmile’s Ecommerce Delivery Software also provides live alerts and notifications to the customers about the delivery status of their package.

Advanced delivery route planning

Fixlastmile’s on demand delivery app offers advanced delivery route planning. The routes are auto planned and optimized which significantly reduces the time and fuel cost along with fulfilling orders in a timely manner.

It allows you to deliver bulk orders with a less number of drivers and time.

Capacity optimization

Fixlastmile’s retail delivery software optimizes the weight and volume capacity of each vehicle. This optimization ensures that the vehicle’s capacity is properly utilized.

This cut down on under-utilization of capacity also means a cut down in the number of drivers used to deliver the same deliveries, thus saving time, resources, and cost.

Customer engagement

Fixlastmile’s on demand delivery app also enables your customers to contact the driver via chat and call. This facilitates a smoother and faster delivery along with reducing the possibilities of a missed deliveries. Most importantly, it enhances customer satisfaction.

What clients achieved with Fixlastmile

Better delivery experience

The direct positive impact of Fixlastmile’s Ecommerce Delivery system was on the delivery experience for both the customers and drivers.

With our software, the customer received their products on time, in appropriate conditions, and in a manner, they preferred. Whereas, the drivers got optimized routes on the map along with the customer engagement feature.

Increased number of deliveries and capacity utilization

Fixlastmile’s on demand delivery application made it possible for retailers to increase their customer lifetime value, total repeat purchases, new customers, higher order size, and higher capacity utilization of drivers.

Meet timeline

Process of delivery, fulfilling orders in a timely manner which increases on time deliveries, maintain Transparency & reduces customer report issue. This calls for a lot of flexibility and agility in the context of delivery management as a process.

Fixlastmile’s retail delivery system enabled our clients to fulfil orders in a timely manner which resulted in increasing on time deliveries, maintain transparency, and reduce customer report issue. It offers a lot of flexibility and agility in the context of delivery management as a process.

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