The pursuit of immediate services has underlined the rapid development of current trends. More and more customers are expecting faster services in their area.

Mobile Workforce management has significantly developed in the recent few years, and today it requires not just dispatching, scheduling, work order management but also requires auto scheduling, route optimization, real time status update etc.

Many industries may have requirement of Mobile Workforce Management solution, like…

  • Mechanic
  • Carpentry
  • Electrician
  • Household work
  • Baby Sitting
  • Plumbing
  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Waste Collection
  • Cleaning Service
  • Inspection Service
  • Pool Maintenance

Arm your workforce with the right information, at the right time with Fixlastmile solution, Fixlastmile solution helps these industries to manage their workforce seamlessly

Barriers that businesses face while providing services at location

Increased Expectations of Customer Service

Customer service expectations have dramatically raised in the past few years. Thanks to 24/7 reachability and the ability to reach organizations via several different channels, customers now want instant replacements and repairs to be dealt right away without any delay.

Record Keeping and Data Analysis

Business often get overwhelmed with history records. Keeping records in formulated form from capturing accurate and reliable data, then keeping them to form the basis for making informed and strategic decisions. The business requires a tool to maintain record and analyse the data.

Operational Costs Are Rising

Keeping the cost under control is the biggest challenge for a business. Not only customers’ expectation is increasing, but also competition for delivering best service is increasing. This results in an increase in the operational cost.

Real-Time Collaboration

It is next to impossible to track the location of field staff, until they are called in. If they had run into any issue or if they had completed the job ahead of schedule, it is quite difficult to maintain records and re-assign tasks if business is having no real time update of staff.

How Fixlastmile overcomes those barriers

Hawk-eye view on field operations

With Fixlastmile’s Mobile Workforce Management Software, you get the hawk-eye view which helps you to monitor real-time performances of current and past tasks. This allows you to focus on task priorities as well as search and resolve problems with the help of status, time and staff filter. With the help of advanced analytics, you gain visibility into staff’s and business’s performance.

Streamlined operations

Fixlastmile’s Mobile Field Service Management System makes it possible to take your task operations to the next level with dynamic route optimization that comes with a detailed street-level mapping & routing, automated task allocation, real-time tracking, and advanced reports & analytics.

It also helps you to make the business adaptable and flexible. Using the solution, your business can modify the service level on the fly to satisfy customers while maintaining profitability.


Fixlastmile’s Field Force Management software enables you for Real Time collaboration with ability to track where staff are and where they are in their schedule or job can help business rapidly re-assign those staff that are running ahead of time.

Controlling Costs

With our Mobile Workforce Management Solution you can assign the most suitable staff for the right task at the right time according to specific job types, priorities, and resource capabilities. Auto task allocation reduces labour cost and service time. On the other side, dynamic route optimization saves fuel cost.

Business outcomes with Fixlastmile

Meet expectations

With a comprehensive, intelligent Field Tracking Software, service staff will be always on-time, prepared and armed with all the information they need to offer exclusive customer service and to fix the job right the first time. Business can meet their service level agreement at accurate expected service time. Moreover, it also helps in increasing on-time responses, wrench time, and job completions.

Enhance Visibility

Real-time visibility is an essential factor contributing to extraordinary customer experience in the last mile deliveries. Real time tracking of service staff is holding the package at any stage of last mile brings revolutionary transparency.

Performance Measurement

Fixlastmile’s Field Force Management System helps to track productivity from performance metrics, business can measure individual work and teamwork which helps to improve performance and increase productivity & proficiency and decreases the crew hours and overhead.

Cost Reduction

Business can easily pinpoint where their operational costs are escalating and how to bring them under control. And all of it can be done in real-time. Using Fixlastmile’s Mobile Field Service Management System , businesses can reduce operating costs as well as improve asset life and customer satisfaction.

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