This client of Fixlastmile was into the business of delivering plants to their customers. The enterprise was only a few years old and was expanding gradually. It followed a simple e-store concept in which any customer can order for plants and its accessories straight from the website.

Challenge: To scale and boost the plant delivery process

The major issue which our plant delivery client faced was of scaling up their services. As their delivery volumes took off, they started outsourcing their deliveries. However, they didn’t get the desired results.

It was mainly because they didn’t know who was delivering the plant and how the delivery went. Our client and their customers felt as if they were in the dark.

This approach did help them to increase the number of deliveries to their customer’s door; however, it didn’t render an ideal customer experience.

Our clients wanted to know the exact whereabouts of the drivers at any instant of time. Moreover, their customers also wanted to know the ETA of the delivery.

Our clients wanted a complete control over the last-mile delivery operation which could help them to retain their existing customers along with adding the new one.

Other than that, customer nuances were another major issue for the deliveries. Customer nuances like incorrect address, cramped locations, remote locations, and absence of customer had a huge adverse effect on the overall business revenue.

Solution: Fixlastmile’s advanced last mile delivery solution

Fixlastmile’s last mile delivery comprehensively solved all the problems faced by our clients. Our ready-made last mile delivery solution allowed them to bring their in-house dispatching without building a system from scratch.

Once the client integrated their ordering system with Fixlastmile API, they started receiving new orders in a web-based dashboard. This helped our clients to get a glimpse of each day’s deliveries which helped them to assess the number of drivers that they would require for the week.

Fixlastmile’s last mile delivery also comes with automated SMS notifications. Earlier, the delivery drivers used to show up unannounced at the customer’s doorsteps. But now, the customers receive text messages whenever their plant is about to get delivered. This enhanced transparency in the process which ultimately boosted customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the real-time communication between the suppliers and the customers drastically reduces the cases of missed deliveries.

Fixlastmile’s last mile delivery solution also provided a unique way for our clients to maintain their quality. It allowed drivers to click photos of the plants on delivery with Fixlastmile’s mobile application. The client can then compare the photo taken on the application to the photo taken in the warehouse.

Apart from that our solution also automated delivery chain which reduced time wastage by a huge extent.

Moreover, the real-time tracking of deliveries reduced the amount of potential cost caused by missing packages and delays.

Fixlastmile’s solution also provides an efficient feedback system which can be implemented by the client by sending an SMS to the customer. The customer thus receives a post-delivery survey in the form of an SMS. The responses from the customers play a significant role in improving client’s business.

Delivering more plants with Route Optimization

Like most of the business owners, our clients also wondered if it was possible to deliver plants to more customers per day without hiring additional drivers and resources.

Fixlastmile’s route optimization feature made this possible for our clients. It found the most efficient route after considering factors like drop-off locations, traffic, capacity, and time windows.

Route optimization resulted in the mammoth increase of 40% in the delivery capacity. This allowed the drivers to complete more number of orders along. It also decreased the time taken by the team for dispatching.

Being based in a metro city, the traffic was always an issue. Route optimization has assisted them significantly in dealing with the city’s notorious traffic.


Our client saw an enormous surge in their profits which was directly driven by Fixlastmile’s advanced last mile delivery solution. Our solution automated and streamlined all their complex operations thus making it easier for the clients to focus on other important aspects.

It helped in building strong customer relationships by enhancing the customer transparency with real-time updates.

Route optimization and auto allocation increased the delivery capacity along with reducing the delivery cost and time wastage.

Proper utilization of resources by tracking the business performance reduces the costs which ultimately affects the business productivity.

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